Cristiana's story in English!

Cristiana, our darling little daughter, was born on November 13th, 2010. Only two weeks later, she had a hemorrhage of the umbilical stump. The hospital investigations showed that Cristiana had a very low blood coagulation degree (at that moment it was actually 0), due to some problems with her little liver. We went to Cluj for further investigations and found out that our daughter has hyperbilirubinemia, important hepatic cholestasis and, on top of that, a Cytomegalovirus infection. Then, after tens of other analysis, echographies, radiographies, MRIs and a surgical hepatic biopsy, the diagnostic for Cristiana was this:  SEVERE NEONATAL CHOLESTASIS WITH BILIARY CIRRHOSIS EVOLUTION. CYTOMEGALOVIRUS HEPATITIS. POSSIBLE FAMILIAL INTRAHEPATIC CHOLESTASIS TYPE III. The only curative option for Cristiana is a liver transplant, as soon as possible, before her hepatic functions degrade significantly and before hepatic cirrhosis complications occur. Because in Romania this transplant is only done on children over one year old or over 10 kg, Cristiana needs a liver transplant abroad. The doctors working on our case (with much love and dedication) have recommended the Saint-Luc Clinic in Belgium, Brussels, but the costs for such an operation are very high. The transplant costs add up to 85.000-87.000 EURO, not including the transport costs, the accommodation costs for the companion, the post-surgery medicine and other necessities. First, we have to transfer this amount to the clinic’s bank account and after that they schedule a transplant date.

Taking into account that Cristiana’s health is getting worse every day, we ask for your support first in prayer, knowing that prayer can solve what money can’t, and then we ask for your help to propagate our case, in order to raise the funds necessary for this liver transplant.
For fund-raising for the liver transplant, we have opened accounts with Banca Transilvania:

Swift code: BTRLRO 22
EURO account:
USD account:
RON account:

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Verdet Daniela and Beniamin
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Thank you very much for your love, help and understanding.